A Healthy Pregnancy Sometimes Begins with Fertility Care Singapore

We all know people who have more kids than they really need. They seem to be able to think about pregnancy and have a baby soon after. On television you can see massive families. Yet, then there are other women who may try for years and still have no baby kisses or toddler cuddles. If you or someone you know is tired of having empty arms, you should know that there are times when a healthy pregnancy begins with proper fertility care Singapore.
Your Fertility Needs
By now, you likely know how babies are supposed to be conceived. Most of us learn that quite early, so we will skip the whole birds and bees discussion. There are optimal times for conception, and we urge you to be patient. It does not come as easily as it seems. It is purely timing.
However, if you have been trying to “time” it right for several years, you need to understand that it could indicate an underlying issue. It could be that your eggs aren’t maturing before they release from your ovaries. It could mean that there are issues with your womb or with your tubes. None of this means that it is impossible for you to conceive or carry, it just means you may need a little help first.
We Are Here to Help
This is where we come in. We ask only that you have tried to conceive naturally for a year or two first, but if you are tired of having empty arms, we can try to help you fill them. Talk to your doctor first. If they refer you to us, we will start with a full blood count and thalassemia screening. We will check your ovulation status, and do a thorough examination of your pelvis, Fallopian tubes, womb, and more. We may also check your partner’s sperm count to ensure that there isn’t an unforeseen problem there.
Moving Forward with Conception
Regardless of what may be found, there is usually a simple way to fix it. In some cases, it may require a keyhole surgery, hormones, or some other solution. You may also have the option of IVF, which is a constantly evolving technology that involves implanting mature and fertilized eggs into your womb. It adds a little science to a process that nature cannot seem to mimic.
With fertility care Singapore, we make it possible. You simply have to tell us what you want for your future.

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